Taryn van Neel, our Eco-Schools officer, attended the Lotus High School Extra-Mural Awards on Friday, 11 November. This is her account of the event:

The event was to acknowledge all the learners who took part and excelled in the extra mural activities the school is involved in. The extra mural activities included a sport aspect, environmental and other. CTEET was also honoured to be presented with a certificate to recognize “the outstanding assistance received from the organization in nurturing the development of the learners”.

Myself, Zane Mathews from SANBI and Philip Bam from Princess Vlei Forum presented certificates to 30 environmental club learners in recognition of “being a great eco-representative through your continued effort and commitment in creating awareness and action around environmental sustainability at your school”. The school hopes to expand the number of eco-club learners next year.

CTEET supports the school to create a wider environmental atmosphere among teachers and learners, providing teachers with the opportunity to integrate environmental classroom lessons in the garden and linking this to the CAPS Curriculum. Learners can apply their environmental skills and knowledge in their daily lifestyles and initiate campaigns that would heighten their awareness of personal responsibility towards the society.

Lotus high school registered on the eco-schools programme in 2014 and are aiming towards their green flag award in 2016. This year the school initiated 2 beautiful gardens reusing recyclable materials for pot-plant holders. This project has a broader scope in terms of engaging learners, teachers and the community to be more environmentally aware of the importance of our natural environment and waste materials that can be reused. It is encouraging and inspiring to see what a schools with few resources, but dedicated mentors can achieve! Well done Lotus High!