A productive weekend was spent at Bokbaai at the end of September in order to carry out a fauna and flora bioblitz. The team of twelve 3rd year students conducted vegetation, bird, reptile and small mammal surveys. Bird calls were recorded, small mammals such as striped field mice were caught and measured and reptiles were identified. Camera traps were also placed to capture some of the shyer residents.
The highlights of the weekend definitely included the sighting of the black harrier, a close encounter with a large mole snake, a steenbok visiting the campsite and the camera trap images of a caracal and an otter. And of course the best potjie ever!

Performing a bioblitz such as this yields important species data for the site and provides the students with a chance to experience real field work and data collection. The challenge for the weekend was to identify unknown species, recognize problems and come up with solutions on the go.

This was the first tented camp at Bokbaai and offered just a glimpse of how valuable this unique site is going to be for the development of students, learners and staff alike.