JustineMy interest in Environmental Education was really brought out when I was in High School. I came to a CTEET Camp to try out the Dragon Boating. I saw all the children on the camp learning about nature and having fun, and I took a chance and asked to volunteer and get involved.

From then on, I was hooked – I realised I wanted to teach people about nature. With the help of CTEET, I went on courses and training and can you believe it – 12 years later I am still here! Today I am an Environmental Educator and the highlight of my career was being given the chance to be the coordinator for the 2015 intake of the Conservation Leadership Programme. I look forward to being a part of their lives and seeing them grow over the next 7 years.

I know I am in the right role when I see the smiles on learners’ faces when they experience touching a snake for the first time! Every day is different and a new challenge and when leading programmes I know I am creating a learning environment that is fun and homely!


An account by Justine, one of CTEET’s Educators based at the Zeekoeivlei Education Center.