Nowhere else in the world is a city faced with the same challenges as we are in Cape Town. Whilst high levels of urban migration, with its associated challenges of poverty and social ills, is not isolated to Cape Town here this is coupled with parallel efforts to protect the most threatened, endemic vegetation in the world.

With fewer than 15% of youth attaining results that will gain them an entrance to university and having youth unemployment at over 50% there is a little opportunity for these youngsters to develop a career for themselves. Few opportunities and low morale has contributed to many children seeing little alternative but to joining the gang system where violence and drugs become the norm. CTEET developed its crèche-to-career model so as to help children develop a passion for the natural environment and mechanisms to focus this interest for them to enter a career in the Green Economy. In taking the children out of their communities on an environmental education camp where they are immersed in the experience with impassioned educators and from which they emerge excited and proud of our natural heritage we believe this to be the spark to change their lives.

The launch of our Changing Lives Through Nature campaign is aimed specifically to raise funds for our youth programmes; in these we use nature to uplift Cape Town’s youth and broaden career opportunities whilst contributing to the conservation of our rich biodiversity. The resilience of natural systems can go on to support social resilience and be the enabler for healing and personal growth. Supporting this campaign requires as little as sharing it with others and helping us broadcast the wonderful work we do.