Children the world over are becoming ever-distanced from nature to the point where it has acquired the term of “Nature Deficit Disorder”.

Furthermore, with a failing education system that sees fewer than 15% of youth attaining results that will gain them an entrance to university and having over 50% of our youth unemployed, destruction of nature is often seen as of little consequence.

We hope to change this view and have developed our crèche-to-career model in order to help children develop a passion for the natural environment and mechanisms to focus this interest for them to enter a career in the Green Economy.

Whilst we aim to expose all of Cape Town’s children to our unrivalled biodiversity and the world’s most threatened, endemic vegetation, unfortunately many children cannot afford to attend one of our life-changing programmes. As a consequence we direct much of our funds to subsidise children from struggling communities.

By bringing your school or group on a programme with us, you are helping us ensure long-term sustainability of our organisation, allowing us to host and sponsor groups which cannot afford the costs of one of these programmes.


Our vision for creating a generation of nature-conscious youth and facilitating entry into the green economy is though the Creche-to-Career model. We initially focus on school children through a number of initiatives but then create the structures for out-of-school youth to pursue their interest in the environmental sector through our training and development programmes, lastly allowing for job placement through our Nature Care Fund.

Key focus areas of the Crèche-to-Career model

  • Create opportunities for children to have a life-changing experience through our outdoors camps and day programmes
  • Ensure camp activities support the children’s learning in being linked to their school curriculum
  • Support schools registered on the international Eco-Schools programme to encourage whole-school learning and sound environmental projects
  • Grow and mentor children in becoming environmental champions through our Conservation Leadership Programme in which we work with the participants for the last 7 years of their school careers, encouraging them to become environmental champions
  • Address the broad spectrum of careers in the green economy and help children to make the correct subject choices
  • Encourage children to implement change within their daily lives to positively impact on the environment
  • Create mechanisms for out-of-school youth to get formal, accredited training and work-place experience in the environmental sector